Why work with us?

We Power the Nation

We are an in-house software team, assembled to move with speed and deliver with quality. We develop products that create impact on a national scale.

Areas of Focus

Digital Consumer
Engaging customers through Applications
Digital Grid
Improving reliability of our grid through Digital Technology
Digital Energy
Promoting sustainable energy source and use through IoT

Our Team

  • Agile Specialist
  • Android Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • DevOps
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Go Backend Engineer
  • iOS Engineer
  • IoT Engineer
  • Ruby Full Stack Engineer
  • TechOps
  • UX Designer
  • UX Researcher

Send your CV to nikhilsharma@spgroup.com.sg


Empower Utilities And Their Customers To Accelerate Towards A Sustainable Future By Creating Digital Products.

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Yap Hong Kheng
Senior Web Developer

I get to learn from a diverse team of experienced engineers. There are opportunites to work on interesting projects and get out of my comfort zone to try out new things.

Kenneth Poon
Principal iOS Developer

I get inspired working alongside leaders in the tech community.

Murali Korukonda
Senior iOS Developer

Working at SP Digital is a great pleasure and a privilege. Diverse talents, friendly people and excellent work-life balance, make it a wonderful place to work and learn in life.

Naning Utoyo
Senior Experience Researcher

I joined SP Digital because the products and projects here are brand new to me. What keeps me here is the company's vision aligning with mine – contributing to sustainability.

Stella Sofia
IoT Engineer

SPD is a gender-neutral workplace - everyone has a voice.

Subhransu Behera
Principal iOS Developer

Coming to SP Digital every day to be part of an app that touches almost the entire nation gives me a purpose and a sense of pride. I am glad to be part of this team and organization.

Agile & Bold

We move with speed and deliver with quality, based on the ethos of Learn, Build and Measure.

We favour action over indecision and fail fast to succeed sooner.

We are brave and respectful in challenging status quo, focusing on solutions and learning.

Building Trust

We care about every interaction we have with our peers.

We generate trust through reliable, open and transparent behaviour. In difficult situations, we value honest discussion to achieve the right outcome instead of apportioning blame.

Respect & Empathy

We are inclusive and treat everyone with respect regardless of their ranks or opinions.

We seek to understand what everyone is experiencing, including their challenges, and help them achieve success.

We are able to agree to disagree respectfully in times of conflict and continue our work for the greater good.


We are responsible and accountable for our work and towards our peers, and we follow through determinedly even when the circumstances are tough.

We will pick up the slack when help is required.


We deliver value to our company, customers and colleagues.

We display outstanding performance consistently so that our peers can rely upon us.

We make contributions, big or small, to anything we come into contact with, so it is better than it was before.


We seek excellence and inspire others along the way.

We are professional and disciplined in everything we do.

We pride ourselves on producing quality products.

We strive for continuous improvement, to be a better version of ourselves tomorrow and help level up everyone around us.

SP Digital Team Bonding